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Welcome to MagneSeal Dryer Vent Hook-up

The MagneSeal Dryer Vent Hook-up is the solution to snaked dryer exaust hoses cramped behind your dryer. Those bends and kinks not only render your dryer less efficient, they also contribute to lint build-up and firehazards. Additionally, having to position the dryer away from the wall to allow the hose to snake to the exaust pipe takes away from livable space in your home.

Not anymore. With our patented technology, the MagneSeal Dryer Vent Hook-up eliminates the bends and kinks that are the hallmark of traditional dryer vent hoses and make moving your dryer for cleaning and servicing a breeze.

The MagneSeal was created to help save you time, money, energy and effort. Easy to install and use, the MagneSeal Dryer Vent Hook-up was manufactured with only top quality industrial grade materials to last for a lifetime of serivce.

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