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Clothes dryers work on a simple concept: evaporate the moisture in wet clothes by tumbling while blasting them with heated air. In order to keep the hot air out of the living space it is vented, through an exaust pipe, to the outdoors. Typically, this is done with a hose that snakses behind the dryer and connects to a vent that leads outside. This hose usually lies on the ground, kinked and bent around the back of the dryer.

Coupled with the 90 degree elbow in the exaust pipe, these tangled hoses reduce air movement and produce friction. This simple oversight creates a dramatic drag on the dryers efficentcy costing you money and increasing the time it takes to dry a load of clothes.

Worse though is the lint accumulation that builds up when your exhaust airflow is reduced. Together with the friction cause by snaked hoses, this creates an eviornment ripe for a fire. This situation is only compounded by numberous 90 degree angles in the exaust line or excessive distance from the dryer to the outside vent. For more information on household dryer fires, please see the Homeland Security 2007 report here.

While not as awful as a house fire, it is clear that getting behind a dryer to clean or rescue a lost sock is a chore unto itself. Traditional dryer hoses require clamping the the hose on either end to ensure a tight seal. Pull the dryer any distance away from the wall and you will have to climb over it to reattach and reconnect the vent hose. This can be quite difficult for anyone.

Our intentions with creating the MagneSeal Dryer Vent Hook-up was to produce a quick and easy connect/disconnect union between the clothes dryer and standard dryer ducting. However, it not only makes moving your dryer easier, it makes your home safer. Proper use of the MagneSeal Dryer Vent Hook-up helps reduce fire hazards and totally eliminates kinks and twists in the vent hose. Additionally, it allows for easy movement of your dryer, allowing for easy and headache free cleaning and maintenance.

By removing the vent hose from the equasion, the MagneSeal Dryer Vent Hook-up increases your dryers efficency saving you money and decreasing the time it takes to dry a load of lundry.

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