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Habitat for Humanity’s Washington State Director

“With the need for space in habitat homes, the laundry area is always an issue. With MagneSeal, much space is saved (zero clearance at back wall) and installing the dryer couldn’t be easier.”

Evan (Home Owner):

“With MagneSeal I don’t have to stand on my head to get behind our dryer to hook it up.”

Bob (Architect):

“An extra 6 inches in laundry closets in an apartment complex could mean extra bed rooms.”

Dale (Rental Store Owner):

“I want one for my new house I’m building on Hartstene Island?”

Sonny (Manager, Contractor Sales, National “Home” Store):

“This is the kind of device we would sell to contractors and home owners to maximize the use of space in their houses.”

Carol (Home Owner):

“It’s great now to have the extra space in my laundry room. The dryer isn’t in the way and I can open my cabinet doors.”

Erik (General Contractor):

“I would jump on this.”

John (General Manager, Lumber Yard):

“Last year there were 700,000 new home starts in the U.S. and I could see this in every one!”

Greg (HVAC Installer):

“Great idea, easy to install and completely worth every penny.”

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